A Dutch yacht lost use of all its navigation equipment during an electrical storm

lifeboat launched into a thunderstorm when a Dutch yacht with two
people on board called for assistance off
Sovereign Harbour.

Original communications from the 10-metre yacht were
confused, initially they contacted Sovereign Harbour to report they had
lost all power but later this was amended to report that they had lost
engine power only.

The Maritime Rescue and Communication Centre (MRCC)
at Dover Coastguard was also alert to the developing situation but
reports from the yacht indicated they did not require assistance.

Fortunately some of the volunteer lifeboat crew were also monitoring
radio communications and assembled at the lifeboat station in
anticipation of being required.

Amid the gathering electrical storm the
casualty yacht rescinded their original statement and requested
immediate assistance having lost all their navigation equipment.

the ALB crew already assembled and ready for launch they were able to
quickly locate the stricken vessel some four miles offshore.

The vessel
was taken under tow to Sovereign Harbour

Picture: Yacht recovered to Sovereign Harbour by Eastbourne RNLI. Credit: Bob Jeffery