Organisers predict double the visitor numbers at ECBS in 2008

Getting quality visitors through the door – whatever it takes!
“Our aim now is to increase the number of quality visitors for our exhibitors, without diluting the quality that we have achieved…”
James Brooke, Managing Director, Earls Court Boat Show

Managing Director James Brooke has announced a new partnership with Carlsberg as the official lager of ECBS 2008, alongside the existing Whyte & Mackay partnership (providing the official whisky and vodka) and has promised to double the visitor numbers this year.

After a disappointing turnout “around about 50,000” according to Brooke – compared to ExCel’s 127,000 and his own prediction of over 200,000 – Brooke insists that positive feedback from the visitors and exhibitors are the measure of the show’s success. “For our exhibitors it has been about business, and for our visitors it has been about the overall experience.”

More controversially, Brooke appeared to be taking credit for a resurgent LIBS at ExCel, saying: “It is clear that our creativity has inspired National Boat Shows and much of the new content at the London Boat Show is a clear replication of our vision. This is a positive thing as we have managed to enhance the show at Excel through competition to the benefit of the consumer.”

He also criticized NBS for marketing the ExCel show outside Earls Court in December, saying: “We have respected the organisers of the London Boat Show and have not marketed our show to their visitors as they leave the venue, or placed any marketing posters or banners around Excel. There is room for the two shows to co-exist without the need for these activities.”

Dates for 2008: 28 November – 7 December