Hundreds of people have flocked to Beaucette Marina to see the dolphin named 'Fortune'

A dolphin called ‘Fortune’ has been attracting hundreds of islanders to Beaucette Marina, Guernsey.

It was released there after a rescue mission was carried out last week.

The dolphin was discovered in distress in the high surf at the top of the beach at Pembroke Bay on Wednesday morning after a night of stormy weather.

Local residents called the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) plus the St John Ambulance and Rescue personnel who rescued the catacean.

By the time the rescuers arrived, the dolphin, who has been named ‘Fortune’, had been washed onto the pebbles high up the beach.

Rather than trying to put the dolphin back out to into the Bay and risking it coming back ashore, it was decided to place the dolphin onto a plastic stretcher and drive it to Beaucette Marina to be released on Guernsey’s north east coast.

The marina is a quiet spot with plenty of mullet for the dolphin to eat. It was thought this would give it chance to get its bearings and return to good health.

Hundreds of islanders have been to the marina since it was released there, taking hundreds of photographs and film clips.

It was lovely to hear the children and adults gasp and whoop as the cetacean broke the surface. It is thought the dolphin will be lead to the marina entrance by boat this week now the sea conditions are easing.

Storm damage

Motor boats at St Peter Port were washed off their lying up blocks after the Tuesday night storm and high tide last week.

During the storm, two private boats from their mooring’s in Bordeaux Harbour and smashed onto rocks on the northern side of the harbour. The motor boat was smashed to smithereens, the yacht Shamaal faired a little better but is still expected to be an insurance write-off.

Pictures: Fortune the Dolphin swimming around Beaucette Marina. Credit: Tony Rive

The yacht Shamaal high and dry at Bordeaux. Credit: Tony Rive