Now she dreams of crossing the Atlantic

A disabled teenager has sailed around the Isle of Wight, steering her boat with her mouth.

15-year-old Natasha Lambert has athetoid cerebral palsy, which severely inhibits her movement and speech.

But it did not stop her sailing around the island on Sunday on her Artemis 20, Miss Isle, helming with a sip/puff system.

Natasha first sailed two years ago as part of the Even Keel Project.

She took 12 hours to complete the circuit and raised money for the RNLI, Isle of Wight Scope and the Ellen MacArthur Trust.

She aspires to sail across the Atlantic one day and a Mini Transat 6.5 is being converted to her oral helming system with one eye on this voyage.

Picture courtesy of the RNLI, who provided a lifeboat to accompany Natasha on the final leg of her journey from Ryde to Cowes.

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