Only five days left for applications including Weymouth sailing

The application deadline for tickets for the 2012 Olympics – including the sailing events at Weymouth and Portland – is 11.59pm on 26 April, just five days away. If you want to be present at this historic event there is no time to waste.

Sailing will take place over 14 days with a single-day ticket ranging in price from £20 to £55, with some exceptions under the ‘Pay your Age’ scheme and for the over 60s. Each day must be applied for separately.

However, potential ticket-buyers should be aware that any successful applications must be paid for – so choose what events you apply for with care. Insiders are confident that most sailing event tickets applied for will be granted.

The already labyrinthine online application process is further complicated by the fact that the planned 4,500-spectator area at Weymouth’s Nothe Gardens has to wait for planning approval from the local council. A decision is expected in July, but in the unlikely event that it does not go through, tickets for this area would be refunded.

There is hope of another large viewing screen site in Weymouth – speculation has it on the beach – but it may cover all Olympic events, not just the sailing. Viewing from the Nothe remains the best bet.

Traffic planning for the town is mainly geared to a large temporary park and ride scheme, while the roadworks that have blighted the town and its approaches over recent months, in preparation for the event, will be long completed by summer 2012.

Applications for tickets to the Paralympic Games open on 9 September.