Re-Cycle project - bring your old bikes to the river

Deacons Boatyard is offering itself up as a

short term depot for the collection of unwanted Bicycles.

In conjunction with “re-cycle”

based in Essex ( ), the boatyard on the river Hamble is hoping to get all its partners in the marine industry to get together and

find as many bicycles as possible to send to Africa

where they can make a serious difference to peoples lives. Deacons will be

transporting the donated bikes up to the warehouse in Essex ready for transportation

to Namibia and Ghana 

during the month of August. The cut off date for accepting donated bicycles

will be the end of July 2011.

‘Get yourself out and about, talk to all

and sundry and get as many bicycles together as you can and bring them down to

Deacons Boatyard on the Hamble river (’, says Lucas Shotts, MD of Deacons.

Currently Re-cycle has shipped 36000

bicycles to Africa , we need to get this

figure up to 40,000 before the end of the year!

Please see the re-cycle website for help in

deciding whether the bicycle you are donating is worthwhile, as it goes without

saying that a scrap bicycle is just that, scrap!  The website gives a very good

idea of what is acceptable and what is not.

Lucas adds: ‘When you turn up at Deacons with all those

Bicycles please remember we are also running a very busy boatyard with

machinery and boats all over the place , do not just dump bicycles anywhere, we

have a place for them to go but you need to come up to reception to find out

where that is.’