Family demand answers

An Austrian man has been arrested over the disappearance of a British sailor from his boat.

Sean Terry (pictured), 48, was sailing from the Maldives to Madagascar, but the only other person on board, scuba diving instructor Stefan Pokorny, told police that Mr Terry jumped overboard.

Mr Pokorny, 36, is being held by police in the Seychelles, where the yacht, Finnegan, arrived on June 25, but so far no charges have been filed.

A spokeswoman for Mr Terry’s family, Judith Middleton, claimed that Mr Pokorny’s story does not add up.

She said: ‘Pokorny came on board the yacht as an experienced and strong diver and the family wants to know why he did not do more to rescue Sean.

‘He told police that Sean got angry and jumped off the boat, but that does not add up. He told police it happened at night and in bad weather but other ships in the area said the weather was fine.

‘The man overboard button was not pressed and the satellite communication equipment was not used to radio for help. The family are desperate for answers.’

Ms Middleton added that Mr Terry had been looking forward to spending Christmas with his family and insisted that the former quantity surveyor would not contemplate suicide. He was last in contact with his family on June 18.

Safety equipment on board, including the lifebelt and dinghy, were found untouched on the yacht when it docked in the Seychelles, but two laptops and the ship’s logbook were missing.

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