23-year-old Alastair Callender's pioneering new design

Alastair Callender, a 23-year-old Coventry University student, has designed a 58m (190ft) green superyacht, with zero-emission capability and reduced running costs. This as-yet-unbuilt pioneering craft is called Soliloquy.

Soliloquy can operate on solar, wind and Hybrid Marine Power. Eschewing the formulaic lines of other superyachts, Soliloquy‘s design also means that her solar panels can rotate on pivots, altering her shape.

Alastair’s goal was: ‘To prove the point to the world that eco-luxury no longer has to be viewed as an oxymoron. The answer to the paradox is Soliloquy, bringing all the luxury one would expect of a superyacht, without the noise, vibration, fuel costs and vast pollution levels of a motor yacht, nor the crew manning levels needed of a cloth-sailed rig.’

Though not built yet, the cost of Soliloquy is said to be close to that of conventional superyachts, and Alastair is looking into her being constructed.