Gates under restoration until 30th June

Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners have issued a Notice to Mariners to warn of extensive work being carried out to the Colne Flood Barrier from 22 April to 30th June.

 It states: ‘As part of the planned maintenance program by the Environment Agency, the protective coating on the mitre gates of the Colne Flood Barrier at Wivenhoe will undergo refurbishment. Much of the preliminary work will be carried out by contractors from a series of floating pontoons moored around the gate areas and the gates themselves will be lifted from their hinges and brought clear of the barrier structure.

Work is expected to commence on or around 22nd April and last until 30th June 2014.
Mariners are advised that for the safety of those contractors working afloat, navigation through the Colne Barrier must be undertaken at slow speed and with zero wash.
The mitre gates are expected to be lifted during the first two weeks in May and June and, there may be occasions when navigation through the Barrier could be temporarily suspended during these lifts. Mariners are advised to be aware of the traffic signals both sides of the Flood Barrier and should not pass through unless it is indicated that it is safe to do so.
Contractors will be on hand during working hours and will monitor VHF channel 68. Vessels are advised to call ‘Colne Flood Barrier’ on VHF channel 68 if in any doubt.
Further information may be obtained from the Harbour Office or calling VHF Ch68