The UK Coastguard is appealing for information following a distress call from a vessel said to be taking on water somewhere in the Newhaven area.

The Coastguard Rescue Helicopter from Lee on Solent, Newhaven RNLI Lifeboat and Newhaven Coastguard Rescue Team all began searching for signs of the missing vessel, supported by Newhaven NCI, following the call yesterday afternoon.

The Coastguard has broadcast a message requesting further information from all shipping.

Jonathan Mustard, Maritime Operations Specialist for UK Coastguard said: ‘We received a broken message via VHF​ radio this afternoon at about 2.30pm that a vessel needed assistance because it had a hole in its side and was taking water.

‘Since that time we have had no further communication with the vessel.

‘If members of the public think that they may have further information about the vessel involved they should contact the Coastguard on 02392 552100.’