Singlehanded skipper safe after yacht driven ashore on passage down-channel

A 28 foot classic yacht has been wrecked near St Margaret’s Bay in Kent. The yacht Egretta was abandoned after being driven ashore in a rough sea state and strong WSW winds.

 Nigel Stokes, Duty Harbour Master at the Port of Dover, told PBO: ‘We understand that the yacht was on passage from either the Thames or

East Coast, bound down Channel for Wales, with the single-handed owner

on board. “Egretta” was observed to be coming round the South

Foreland in rough WSW’ly sea conditions on the afternoon of Wednesday

8th June, when the genoa then appeared to be flapping and the boat

turned about and disappeared from our view behind the cliffs.  A little

while later, I, as the Port of Dover Duty Harbour Master, received a call

from Dover Straits Coastguard, saying that a yacht had reportedly run

aground on the rocks by St. Margaret’s and could we consider sending one

of our Harbour Patrol/Pilot launches round to assist.  Apparently, the

owner of the yacht once she had been driven ashore, then scrambled over

the rocks to a nearby café in St. Margaret’s Bay to raise the alarm.

 Due to the prevailing weather and sea conditions, plus the treacherous

location the casualty had ended up, we were unfortunately unable to

assist with any of our own floating craft at the time.

‘Once the Coastguard had arrived at the scene, the owner was whisked off

to hospital by ambulance, as he was suffering with concussion, although

after some rest and recuperation, he was discharged the next day. Egretta was by now being pounded by heavy surf and once the tide had

receded later that day, it was apparent that she had been quite badly

holed.  In addition, the remote location of the stranding, was giving

cause for concern as to any successful recovery operation being put in


‘The yacht has now been declared a ‘Constructive Total Loss” and after a

S’ly gale last Sunday night not long after these photos were taken that

same afternoon, the “Egretta” is now breaking up where she lies, with all

valuables and personal belongings having already been removed. It’s heartbreaking to see such a lovely craft meet such a sad end.’