Chichester conservancy to dispose of tenders by sealed bid

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has 12 tenders in various states of disrepair, which it plans to auction in November.

Tenders for sale 

All vessels listed for disposal may be in need of attention and repair and are sold on an “as seen” basis with no guarantee.

They are moored on the chains at Itchenor and can be viewed at any time, except at the height of the tide.

The closing date for tenders is midday Friday 14 November.

The vessels are to be disposed of by sealed tender. Simply note the lot number(s) of the vessel(s) you are interested in and your offer price and after completing your contact details, return this form to Chichester Harbour Conservancy at the address below.

If you require further vessel details or wish to view the vessels, please contact the Harbour Office on 01243 512301.

Tender for Boat Auction
Administrative Officer
Chichester Harbour conservancy
West Sussex, PO20 7AW

Tenders for sale 
Lot 1: Tender. 2.30m. White polypropylene.
02: Tender. 2.99m. Blue GRP.
03: Tender. 2.90m. Blue GRP.
04: Tender. 2.55m. White GRP.
05: Tender. 2.95m. Orange Polypropylene.
06: Tender. 2.95m. Grey Polypropylene.
07: Tender. 2.97m. White GRP.
08: Tender. 2.40m. White GRP.
09: Tender. 2.50m. White GRP.
10: Tender. 2.37m Orange GRP.
11: Tender. 2.44m Blue GRP.
12: Tender. 2.10m. Green Polypropylene.
Tenders for sale