The Royal Belgian Sailing Club says stained diesel is 'no longer an issue for British yachtsmen'

The Royal Belgian Sailing Club is urging sailors to visit its yacht harbour and not to be deterred by the ‘red diesel myth’.

Zeebrugge, one of the major ports of Belgium, has always been very popular among British yachtsmen, as the safe anchorage, accessible in all weather conditions and all states of tide, even for deep draught craft.

Maurice Beke, Secretary-General for the Royal Belgian Sailing Club says: ‘The yacht harbour of the club offers all facilities: easy berthing, modern fully equipped pontoons, fuel station, wifi, technical support, chandlery and a brand new club house with an exquisite kitchen.

‘The historic cities Ghent and Bruges, worth a visit, lie in our back garden.

‘It would be a real pity to have a cruise to such a magnificent area as the Belgian coast spoilt by the red diesel myth.

‘Indeed, stained diesel is by decision of the Ministry of Finance no longer an issue for British yachtsmen. And should you have a random customs visit, which is rare, then a simple recent receipt (max. one year old) from a UK fuel station, proving that VAT/Excise was paid in the UK, will be sufficient.

‘The Royal Belgian Sailing Club is looking forward to welcoming you this summer.’

Last year the Royal Belgian Sailing Club celebrated its 150th anniversary.

With approximately 2,500 members, including celebrities such as Jacques Rogge IOC, it is the largest club in Belgium with activities held at five different locations, each with its own infrastructure, training centre and comfortable clubhouse.

Pictures: An aerial view of Zeebrugge; the Zeebrugge Harbour Master office