Biggest ever haul for Uruguayan authorities found at marina near Montevideo

Uruguayan authorities confiscated some 2,000 kilos (4,400 lb) of

cocaine yesterday from a British-registered yacht at a small marina on

the outskirts of Montevideo, according to reports in the Latin American

Herald Tribune.

Two people thought to be the owners of the

yacht were arrested after the biggest drug haul in the history of the

South American nation.

Coast guard sources told news agencies

that the seizure followed a six-week investigation that led to a yacht

anchored on the Santa Lucia River in the town of Santiago Vazquez.


outlets said the detainees were Polish or Serbian nationals who bought

the British-registered vessel in Santiago Vazquez a few months ago for


The drugs apparently arrived in Uruguay by sea and were destined for European markets.


think the yacht was to be used to transport the cocaine out of coastal

waters for transfer to a larger ship to make the trans-Atlantic voyage.