Rachel Chandler speaks from Somalia

News agencies are today reporting that the group holding British yacht owners, Rachel and Paul Chandler have demanded the release of captured hijackers in return for the couple captured on Friday 23 October.

According to the Daily Telegraph, ‘the
kidnappers are torn between asking for a ransom or the release of their

News reports stated that an initial demand for $7million has been followed by a request for the release of seven pirates captured by EU forces on Tuesday attempting to hijack a fishing vessel.

Mr and Mrs Chandler, 59 and 55, were taken hostage in the early hours of
Friday, October 23 around 60 miles from Victoria in the Seychelles.

After being forced to motor towards Somalia, they were transferred from their
38 ft yacht onto a hijacked Chinese container ship before being transferred
onto land. They are now thought to have been moved further into the
country’s interior.