The Good Samaritan's saved a child's life by wading into the river - now Richmond Bridge Boat Club want to replace his ruined iPhone

An crowd-funding project has been launched by Richmond Bridge Boat Club (RBBC) to honour the actions of an ‘unsung hero’ who saved a child from drowning.

Club spokesman Steve Kemsley said last Saturday, 14 June, in Richmond upon Thames the young man saved a child’s life, but lost out himself – by risking his own safety and possesions.

He said: ‘His iPhone was ruined and he will have to replace it himself.

‘As a community thank you to him, Richmond Bridge Boat Club would like to raise the £750 to cover the cost of his replacement iPhone and buy him a drink in his local pub.

‘The iPhone 5S 64GB is priced at £709.00, the project admin fees will cost £37.50, which will leave us with a couple of pounds to buy him a pint.’

What happened?

On Saturday afternoon the tide was high and some way up Ferry Lane.

Steve said: ‘Some kids were playing in the water outside the Slug & Lettuce at Richmond. I saw something turn in the water and thought one of the kids had thrown something at a submerged log.

‘A few seconds later, a man (The Unsung Hero) ran from the White Cross, straight into the water and swam across the water filled slipway to the ‘log’. He produced, like a magic trick, a small boy from under the water.

‘The boy was about four years old and must have missed the drop into the slipway from the pavement as it was covered by the tide.

‘The other children, aged about seven, had not shouted in alarm, they had carried on playing. Their parents were inside the Slug & Lettuce oblivious to what had happened. I don’t think they realise that this man saved their little boy from certain death.’

He added: ‘The hero, his iPhone ruined, his clothes soaked, went on his way without much thanks (a feeble ‘well done’ from me) – he was a bit stunned by what had just happened.

‘The guy deserves a medal, which sadly he is unlikely to get. Instead he gets to buy himself a new phone.

‘I want to share and acknowledge his selfless deed, I know he didn’t do what he did seeking praise or recognition, but he certainly deserves it. There is a very lucky family, thanks to this man.

‘Well done mate, you were brilliant.’

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