Revolutionary new carbon propellers appear to be failing after just one day


Just 16 hours after departure from Barbados on Saturday morning, a team attempting to break the circumnavigation speed record has had to drastically cut speed. The 24mEarthrace, a wave-piercing trimaran design sporting state-of-the-art carbon boat propellers and running on bio-diesel is attempting to break the 75-day record set byCable and Wirelessin 1998.

The team reported excessive vibration at about 1am Sunday morning and inspected the props with a torch.EarthraceSkipper Pete Bethune told the shore team: “All the blades have sections where the carbon is peeling away, and the entire leading edge of one blade is coming to bits.”

The boat with a top speed of 45 knots is continuing on towards Panama at just 12 knots and according to the location map at appears to be located just north of the Venzuela-Colombia border.