Gale-force winds and cold water would have been fatal without correct clothing

An angler survived for 20 minutes in the sea after being swept off a rock, because he was wearing a flotation suit, coastguards said yesterday.

The 52-year-old was fishing at Witches Point near Ogmore, Vale of Glamorgan, when he was hit by a wave in Force 7 winds yesterday morning and plunged into 8°C water. Porthcawl RNLI lifeboat was on the scene and had the man aboard in 20 minutes.

Coastguards and the RNLI said they were in “no doubt” he would not have survived without the suit.

The angler had been fishing with a friend, who had immediately raised the alarm. Coastguards praised the actions of the angler’s friend for dialling 999 and not attempting to rescue his friend himself.

Graham Warlow, Swansea Coastguard Watch Manager said: “Sadly, during 2007, several sea anglers lost their lives during similar incidents and this incident shows how dangerous the British Coastline can be. Fortunately, since this angler was well prepared, the outcome is a good one.”