Westerly route avoids Cape Horn - starts in 2009

Following in the footsteps of Russian solo sailor Sergei Gvozdyev and his 12ft microyacht Said, and Hugo Vihlen’s 5ft 4in microFather’s Day- which is the smallest yacht ever to sail across the Atlantic – comes the first organised circumnavigation for microyachts – The Around In Ten.

Four competitors are confirmed for the start, with boats in build, and making preparations for the Bahamas 2009. Members of the public are invited to contribute to shaping the event and organisers still seek a sponsor.

Details below – good luck entrants!

1 Start – Bahamas
2 Panama Canal
3 Darwin
4 Cape Town
5 Finish – Bahamas

The facts
Four declared entrants from the US and Europe

The Race:
AroundInTen starts in the Bahamas on the 10th January 2009 and will take 18 months to two years to complete, depending on progress.

The Route:
The racers can take any route they wish. The only compulsory stops being Panama, Darwin and Cape Town, finishing back in the Bahamas.

The Prize:
To be the first to beat Serge Testa’s 1987 record in a 12ft boat.

The Regulations:
Rules are created by a poll of the racers after public debate on the race website’s forum Click here to view www.aroundinten.com and forum .

Members of the public regularly voice opinion and influence the decisions.  A set of simple rules is on the website:

*Any protrusions over 10ft must be removable
*Any designer
*Monohulls only 

The Tactics:
Racers’ tactics may differ; the choice is to carry large stores which would slow the boat down, or to make multiple stops. No matter which approach, the pressure will be on to get to Cape Town before the cyclone season starts in late October.

The progress reports:
The race will be accompanied (as far as it is possible) by a support boat. This will enable regular feeds from mid-ocean and the shore to be posted on the website, with pictures, video, and commentary.