It is difficult to make absolutely precise distinctions between a Capstan, a Windlass and a winch. But capstans are normally big, and are found on ships’ decks or on quays. Their barrels normally turn about vertical axis. A windlass may turn on either a vertical or a horizontal axes, but on yachts and pleasure craft the axis is usually horizontal, and a windlass has a chain Gipsy because its purpose is to bring home the anchor cable. A winch, though, does not have a Gipsy and its drum is used only for ropes such as halyards, sheets and mooring warps. The axis of a winch may be vertical or horizontal. In practical terms, a yacht could commonly have one anchor windlass, one or more halyard winches, and a couple of sheet winches. If she has a centreboard or leeboards, she may lift them with winches.