(l) A small cockpit set in an area of deck. Most modern yachts have broad cockpits and relatively small side decks – or even none at all. The other extreme is a large area of deck and a small well – perhaps only big enough to accommodate the legs and feet of the crew who actually sit on the deck itself. (2) A hollow trunk in the after end of a small boat through which an outboard motor may be shipped. The sides of the well rise well above the waterline, and the lower end is open. When the boat is stationary exhaust fumes from the running motor may rise up in the well and suffocate the engine by displacing air it needs. Sea water may also slop up the well in bumpy weather. For both those reasons it is a good idea to fit a baffle plate around the outboard leg so as to blank off most of the opening when the engine is in place. (3) Or ‘well, that’, in naval parlance means ‘enough’. In other words stop hauling, or winching