Tripping line

A line attached to the Crown of an anchor and leading up to the deck so that the anchor can be broken out of the ground. The tripping line may be seized to the Shank of the anchor by a flimsy bit of line to avoid accidental tripping, while a strong pull for intentional tripping will break the line and so apply the pull to the crown end of the anchor. A tripping line may lead to the deck, or to a free floating anchor buoy. In the latter case a few feet of rope immediately beneath the buoy should be weighted so that it will hang straight down, clear of the propeller or rudder of any passing craft. If you have a fair idea of the relevant depths, a simple scheme is to use a shorter tripping line, with its upper end seized to the anchor cable itself. The line should be short, but long enough to be above the water and at hand when the cable is hove short.