Downloadable UKHO planning chart shows transit corridor through Gulf Of Aden

The UKHO has produced an Anti-Piracy Planning Chart as part of an initiative driven by the EU Naval Force.

The chart, numbered Q6099, covering the Gulf Of Aden, south of the Horn of Africa with a larger scale inset showing the Gulf of Aden Transit Corridor, is designed to collate all relevant information for the area and to raise awareness. The chart has the transit corridors marked, UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) Dubai reporting boundaries, instructions to avoid becoming a victim and telephone numbers in the case that a ship is attacked.

The chart is to be provided free of charge with the aim of getting a copy on board all commercial vessels operating in the area.

Distributors and shipping companies that wish to acquire the chart should await further information which will be posted on this page soon.

Download an electronic version of the Anti-Piracy Planning Chart as a PDF document here.