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Coleraine, Co. Derry, BT52 1SE

Seaton’s Marina: Seaton’s Marina lies on the east bank of the River Bann, some two miles downstream of Coleraine and just three miles from the sea, on the beautiful north coast of Ireland. This private, family run marina, is one of the friendliest in Northern Ireland. Customer area with complimentory tea and coffee. Dedicated visitor berth.

Click on the image for an interactive Navionics chart of the approaches to Seaton’s Marina

Marina group:
Berth depth (MLWS): 2.5m
Approach depth (MLWS): 3.5m
Access restrictions:
VHF channel(s):
Toilets: Y
Showers: Y
Laundry: N
WiFi: O
Diesel: <
Petrol: <
Gas: <
Lift-out: 12 tonnes
Chandlery: N
Café/Restaurant: <
Shop: <
TYHA member: N/A
TransEurope member: N
Number of berths: 1 designated
Average price per metre: £1.60
Discounts available: N
Harbour dues included: Y
Water: S
Power: S
Parking per day: Not known