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Delting Boating Club Marina: Formed from humble beginnings in 1921, Delting Boating Club has grown to become one of Shetland’s most active, modern, and well-equipped boating facilities.
The marina is a separate organisation from the Boating Club, however all the facilities are shared between both organisations.
Each 52 members pay a given sum dependent on berth size per annum for their berth. This payment covers insurance and essential repairs etc. A prospective berth holder initially pays several thousand pounds as a deposit for their berth. This money is held by the association, and should that berth holder wish to relinquish their berth at a later date to another person they will get their initial deposit back once the new owner has paid the initial berth costs.

Delting Boating Club Marina

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Marina group:
Berth depth (MLWS): 2m
Approach depth (MLWS): 2m
Access restrictions:
VHF channel(s): 6
Toilets: Y
Showers: Y
Laundry: Y
WiFi: O
Diesel: Y
Petrol: <
Gas: <
Lift-out: 5 tonnes
Chandlery: <
Café/Restaurant: <
Shop: <
TYHA member: N/A
TransEurope member: N
Number of berths: 2
Average price per metre: £20.59
Discounts available: N
Harbour dues included: Y
Water: Y
Power: Y
Parking per day: £0.00