Rupert Holmes explains why the new 6hp Yamaha B and 9.9hp Yamaha T outboards are well worth a closer look, particularly if you sail a displacement boat…


Daysailers and small yachts with outboard power have specific needs that are not automatically well catered for by engine manufacturers.

Their relatively heavy displacement and low speeds under power demand a different gearbox ratio and propeller pitch than a smaller, lightweight and fast planing boat.

In addition, an extra long shaft helps minimise the all too familiar racing of the engine – without an associated increase in boat speed – when the prop pops out of the water as the stern lifts on a wave.

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Yamaha has recently launched two new outboard motors that address this part of the market head on. The 6hp Yamaha B is an economical two-cylinder high torque model suited to displacement boats. On the downside, at 40kg it’s heavier than the company’s single cylinder unit with the same power output.

The 9.9hp Yamaha T has an extra-long shaft, along with high gear ratios for extra thrust at displacement speeds, plus CDI ignition for easier starting. Power tilt, electric starting and remote throttle and gear controls are offered as options.

These features combine to make this a good option for the largest outboard powered sailing cruisers and mean there’s no need to perform acrobatics on the transom to start and tilt the motor.


The 9.9hp Yamaha T outboard

A further benefit is the 9.9hp Yamaha T 9.9hp uses the Japanese brand’s patented dual thrust propeller, which has larger blades and a smaller pitch than standard outboards of this size.

This prop also redirects the exhaust flow when reverse gear is engaged, giving far more response than is generally the case for smaller outboard motors.

Prices for the 9.9hp Yamaha T outboard start from £3,239, while the price of the 6hp Yamaha B outboard is yet to be confirmed.

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