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The annual lay-up: a ritual that even the most practical of boat owners must occasionally find tedious.

Not only is there an autumnal feel of melancholy that the sailing season is over, but you’re faced with a long, long list of must-dos to see your boat through the winter.

I always feel somewhat inadequate when I compare my list with that touted by the many experts who confidently imply that your boat will never sail again unless you sluice your decks and polish yor winches each winter.

But does it have to be like that? Let’s face it, most of us are too busy, it’s too cold and we’re all far too fed up at not getting any sailing to do all the things we should.

In the November 2011 issue of PBO, we decided to find out what is essential to do to make sure our boats are snug and secure this winter, but also what we don’t necessarily have to bother with.

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