PBO reader Paul Carey has had some joy cleaning his carburettor with an ultrasonic cleaner. Here’s what engine whisperer Stu Davies thinks of this tool…

Paul Carey writes: “In recent issues of Practical Boat Owner there has been some discussion on the problems of stale petrol clogging up or leading to poor performance of outboard motors. I’ve had experience with similar problems with lawnmowers and laid-up motorcycles.

“The best purchase I ever made to solve these carburettor troubles was an ultrasonic cleaner, available on the internet from upwards of around £40.

“Also be aware that the majority of carb bodies are made from low quality diecast metal and are very prone to corrosion from the acids left after fuel has evaporated.”

PBO engine expert Stu Davies comments: “Excellent comments from Paul, but I would disagree with his assertion that carburettor bodies are made from low quality die cast metal.

“A lot of carburettors are made from zinc-based die cast metal, an excellent material for making intricate castings, some are made from aluminium and parts of them from steel and brass.

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“The issue is not so much the quality of the metal but whether the use of that material is appropriate in the harsh use environment they end up in.

“Ultrasonic cleaners are undoubtedly a good way of cleaning out intricate carburettor parts, but may be an expensive way to go for someone who’s only going to use it very occasionally.”

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