Bicentenary Talks – HMS Trincomalee’s Secret Stories

A series of talks by the Curator, Clare Hunt, will form part of the ship’s bicentenary celebrations this summer.

The talks are half an hour long and focus on different themes, uncovering some of the histories of the ship that aren’t covered on the site or in the guidebooks. They will take place lunchtimes and evenings in the Baltic Suite at National Museum of the Royal Navy, Hartlepool. Tickets are £5 each (£10 with entry to site) or £25 for all 6!


Women on Board!

Date: Fri 8 September

Time: 18.00

It was once considered unlucky to have women on board a ship but it was not as uncommon as we might have been led to believe. In this talk by the ship’s Curator you can find out about some of the women who knew HMS Trincomalee from another woman who knows HMS Trincomalee!