The weird and wonderful from PBO-sponsored Jumble

PBO was one of nearly 1,000 stalls at the UK’s biggest boat jumble on Sunday – many of which reported a roaring trade.

Beaulieu spokesperson, Margaret Rowles said: ‘Numbers were a little down on last year – but 9,725 is still a good result. It certainly seemed very busy and there were lots of happy exhibitors, reporting good sales. There was a really good atmosphere and the weather encouraged people to stay quite late.

Regular jumble trader, Tony Darge, who runs Tony’s Boat Bits, said plenty of people came up to his three stands to strike some hard bargains. ‘I found plenty of kit for sale myself, though. Bought four outboards and an inflatable – all of which I sold on.’

‘We did notice that there were lots of French and Irish voices, some German too – obviously taking advantage of the strong Euro against the pound,’ said Margaret Rowles.