Jake Kavanagh

Jake Kavanagh
Sunbrella marine fabric cushions on a boat

Marine fabrics are increasingly being made using natural fibres, less harmful chemicals and longer-lasting colours. Jake Kavanagh looks at the cut of the cloth

A yacht sunk on a mooring

Boat insurance costs are rising but you can still get the right cover for your kind of cruising if you do some homework, says Jake Kavanagh

Arens Motors Syprop can run on petrol or methanol and provides 14.3hp of thermal drive, 4kW of power generation and 5kW (6.5hp) of electric drive

Retrofitting a marine hybrid propulsion system can offer quiet motoring, precision docking and regeneration under sail. Jake Kavanagh explains

Boat fuel economy - a boat with its bow up

Modern outboard engines are fuel efficient, but there are still ways you can get more miles per litre from your boat, says Jake Kavanagh

Sprayhood window

Do you have a foggy view? Don’t throw away your expensive sprayhood or awning – you can replace the windows for just a few pounds, says Jake Kavanagh

replacing drooping headlinings

It happens to us all eventually – things start to sag, and it’s particularly true of foam-backed vinyls. For boatbuilders, vinyl is comparatively cheap and easy to install, so it’s…

Osmosis repair

Even the worst cases of osmosis can be professionally treated, and while the process is expensive and time consuming, it will revive the boat and restore its value. Jake Kavanagh…

DIY Osmosis repair

If you’ve found a few blisters on your gel coat, don’t despair. You may not need to do a full gel coat strip – which on cheaper boats may not…