Yanita suffers engine problems and the PBO forum comes to the rescue!

Next day another short passage – to Gosport. Once again there’s no wind and the iron main is pressed into service. We get zoomed in the Small Ships Channel by a motorboat and Evita, who was stacking the main, falls. Just what the doctor ordered! Thank you for your consideration – whoever you are! I’m sure I saw something about a speed-limit somewhere.

Just as we’re about to put into Haslar the engine overheats. We drift the final few yards towards the pontoon. Not the prettiest way to put into a berth, but no damage was done. Bilges full of water – green, antifreeze flavour. It’s the fresh water-cooling circuit. While I try to sort things, Brigitte’s off to the marina office to inform them of our arrival. She comes back shocked. £32 for one night! We had planned to stay two nights, but not at those prices.

I have didn’t have much more luck with the engine. I could find no obvious leaks. Last resort – a post on the PBO forum. A cry for help. Within 10 minutes I had a useable reply, and another 10 minutes later “the man” arrives. Twenty minutes later everything’s sorted. All for a tenner. Just when you’re about to loose all faith in humanity something like this happens. Thanks one and all!

Brigitte’s got to be back at work on Tuesday, so tomorrow we start to retrace our steps towards our homeport. We should get there by Monday.