PBO tests the UML SeaFlash lifejacket light as part of a test of 8 on a dark night at sea

Product Overview

UML SeaFlash Lifejacket light


  • Range of options - long flash, fixed or 'SOS' modes
  • Good and bright LED light made it highly visible


  • Mounting position meant that it was obscured by casualty's head, giving 270 degree visibility


UML SeaFlash lifejacket light


Price as reviewed:


These two lifejacket lights from United Moulders are identical in appearance and price: the difference is that one offers a long flash while the UML SeaFlash Multi offers a range of options – long flash (default), fixed, or Morse code ‘SOS’.

The fixed light was easiest to pick out, but didn’t attract our attention like a flashing light– so for that reason we found the long flash was easiest to identify. It was equally as bright and visible as the AQ40L, and could be seen over the same angle range (about 270°). It has a clear rather than the ‘smoked’ plastic dome.

Its battery is inside the sealed light unit, with the water-activated switch at the end of a wire. An oral inflation tube bracket is available, but ours came with a saddle clip to attach to a webbing strap of your lifejacket.

We tested this light alongside 8 other incandescent, strobe and LED models. Read the reviews of other lifejacket lights on test.

UML Seaflash light on test


Conclusion: We liked the ability to switch to a fixed or SOS light on the SeaFlash Multi, which would allow a casualty to illuminate themselves or signal to their rescuers. Its long flash and bright light made it easy to pick out.