PBO July Cover 2015

TESTED – Electronics for sailors: Brand-new gear to help you make the most of the wind

Moulding glassfibre: Step-by-step guide to making perfect, repeatable parts for your boat

PBO Project Boat: Fitting a shaft log and engine mounts

How to reef efficiently: …with a roller-reefing headsail and slab-reefing mainsail

Trailer restoration: Rusty to roadworthy: how to bring an old trailer back to serviceable condition

Swedish beauties: Thoroughbred designs from Najad, Malö and Hallberg-Rassy

Wing engines: How to fit, and do they work?

French canal guide: Outbound and inland waterways on a cruise circuit deep into rural France

Exploring the Norfolk Broads: A long weekend sail aboard a 1947 classic hired from the Hunter boatyard at Ludham

PBO antifouling test preview: What we did to set up our long-term test

Over the side: A reader’s struggles to get back on board after falling between boat and pontoon

Old head sails? Don’t bin them! – How to recycle old headsails as items of safety equipment or as sea anchors

The most extraordinary place on earth?: Sailing to the island of St Helena in the tropical South Atlantic Ocean

Poole Harbour: Get the local knowledge: all about the currents, depths and channels in the area

Heading around Britain: Pre-trip modifications to a Sadler 290

Installing a diaphragm pump: PLUS more reader projects and tips

Sawing by hand: Using a hand saw doesn’t need to be hard work!

Maintaining the bilges: Sorting out those mucky places – hints and tips from the PBO Sketchbook


Waiting for the tide: PBO editor David Pugh welcomes you to the magazine – sign up for David’s free monthly e-newsletter at: http://emails.ipcmedia.co.uk/YBW_webcross

‘Mad about the Boat’ columnist Dave Selby: Putting leaky windows in the frame

Columnist Sam Llewellyn: Sailing between rocks and a hard place

Monthly musings from Andrew Simpson: Under pressure to pressure-clean a hull?

PBO products and services: Books and plans from the PBO Shop

News: Cheeki Rafiki investigation findings, couple rescued from sinking yacht… and more

Regional news: Makayabella crew sentenced, Caledonian Canal reopens after repairs… and more

Readers’ letters: your views

Ask the experts: Pros and cons of deck-stepped masts – plus more reader queries answered

New gear: PBO looks at the latest marine products