PBO JAN 19 cover

Paint your hull – like new
How DIY two-pack paint can make your boat shine and save £££s. Top tips on techniques

Secrets of the superyachts 2
Surprisingly affordable bright ideas from superyacht yards

Used Boat Shows
For choice and ease of buying second-hand the sensible way, visit a used boat show, says Peter Poland

Making a model
A radio-controlled Colin Archer RS1 model sailboat that performs like the real deal

Engine installation
Mating a scrap van engine and a rescued Volvo outdrive

DIY electric outboard
Part two of the madcap guide explores programming the motor’s electronic controls

Sugarscoop stern
Extending a Macwester Wight’s waterline length

22 hulls and a Hui
A global gathering of Wharram catamarans in deepest Cornwall

Hang on to your mast
Skunky the sea-sick cat and John Simspon endure a wild Atlantic ride

The historic port, famous for Hillyard yachts, is enjoying a new lease of life

Victorian Britain sail log
An account from 1885 of sailing into Jack Sound without an engine

New Gear
A lightweight outboard, 3D block printer, and innovative wind turbine

Christmas gift guide
Last-minute present ideas including calendars and the new Wonderbag

Seahopper origami boat
Tested! Is a folding dinghy better than an inflatable?

Harvest Cruise
A tranquil cruise along the River Orwell, from Harwich to Ipswich

Dinghy skills for cruisers
A lapsed cruising sailor has a baptism of ice on a dinghy course

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