Jerry Armitage found a kitchen utensil rail from Ikea was ideal for keeping his boat's cockpit locker organised

Having upgraded from a Hurley 22 to a Westerly Griffon we now have a cockpit locker that can easily swallow whatever we throw into it.
The problem is, everything seems to gravitate to the bottom or drift into the great big void astern of the water tank.
A previous owner had fixed a few hooks inside: however, these are too small to take thick lines and, as they’re made from mild steel, are slowly rusting away.
A visit to IKEA yielded the answer in the form of a ‘Grundtal’ stainless steel kitchen utensil
rail, available in 40cm, 59cm or 80cm lengths. We selected
the 59cm version and screwed this to a block of wood just inside the locker.
Now we can secure the ends of fender lines, bucket lanyards etc with a simple hitch round the rail, keeping everything in control and easy to extract in a hurry.
Jerry Armitage

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