Danish museum offers chance to get afloat - viking style!

Any fans of wooden sailing craft visiting Denmark this month will be jumping at the chance to add a detour to their trip. A Danish maritime museum is offering sailors and tourists the chance to experience sailing traditional Scandinavian craft throughout September. The Viking Ship Museum on Roskilde Fjord, about 30 kilometres west of Copenhagen has extended its offer.

“This is a unique experience; taking part in rowing and setting sails,” explains Director of Visitor Services, Merete Ettrup. “Many of our guests who sail out on the fjord tell us they leave here with great memories of a wonderful experience”.

Everyone participates actively under the expert instructions of the museum’s trained sailing instructors.

“The Viking Ship Museum will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year and we are marking the event with an extension of the summer. We can’t promise sunshine everyday, but September is often a mild month, so we can probably expect many fine days on the fjord,” concludes Merete Ettrup.

For more information go to the Viking Ship Museum website.