Italian coastguard still searching for missing crew after fatal crash

ITALIAN coastguards are looking today for a passenger missing since a fatal collision overnight between a yacht and a tanker, reports shipping website:
One yachtsman, 54, was reported killed after his boat was hit by the tanker off central Italy 21km off Santa Marinella, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported today.
“Despite perfect visibility, the product tanker Martina, heading from Livorno to Augusta, collided with the yacht,” the Italian newspaper TCCOM reported.
The Italian fell overboard, and his body was found about two hours later, Corriere della Sera said. Rescuers are still looking for a passenger from the yacht.
Martina is understood to be a 11,137dwt Italian domestic oil product carrier, but authorities have not yet released the name of the shipowner or charterer.

Source: Fairplay magazine