Coastguard alert cancelled after dinghy's occupant reclaimed boat on Worthing Beach

MCA Media Manager, Mark Clark, sounded the ‘all clear’ last night as the abandoned Worthing Beach dinghy was reclaimed. ‘Late last night the owner’s mate turned up to claim it. He’d borrowed it. Everyone ok.’

At around 10.30 yesterday morning Solent Coastguard were alerted to a 7 foot open dinghy that had washed up 600 yards east of Worthing pier.

The Coastguard urgently sought the owner of the dinghy in order to reassure the authorities that he or any occupants are safe and sound.

Shoreham and Littlehampton lifeboats were requested to launch and a shoreline search was conducted from the harbour entrance to Worthing pier offshore, whilst Coastguard teams conducted the same search onshore.

The National Coastwatch lookout at Shoreham kept a visual watch for any people in the water.