Ordinary individuals celebrated for doing extraordinary things on the world's oceans

The Ocean Cruising

Club (OCC) has announced

the recipients of the OCC Annual Awards.

Each year the OCC recognizes the achievements of ordinary individuals

doing extraordinary things on the world’s oceans and brings those achievements

to the attention of the sailing community at large.

Peter Whatley, chairman

of the awards sub-committee, made the announcement at the OCC annual boat show

dinner in London.

This year,

three recipients share the OCC Award of Merit: Tim Severin of Ireland, Dick Giddings of the United States,

and James Wharram of the United Kingdom.

The OCC congratulates all recipients and nominees for this year’s

awards, and thanks all adventurous cruising sailors for reaching for

extraordinary goals.

All winners will be invited to attend the OCC

Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on 20 April 2013 aboard HQS

Wellington – Head Quarters Ship and

home of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners – in London, where formal

presentations of the awards will be made.

The full stories will be presented on the night and published in the

subsequent edition of Flying Fish – the journal of the OCC.

The awards and winners:

OCC Award of Merit 

(To a member or

non-member for performing some outstanding voyage or achievement)

– Tim

Severin; Dick Giddings; James Wharam

OCC Award (To a member or non member who has done most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in small craft and the practice of

seamanship and navigation in all branches

– Fergus

and Kay Quinlan

Geoff Pack Memorial Award (To a member or

non-member who, by his or her writing, has done most to foster and encourage

ocean cruising in small craft)

-Val Howells

The Rose Medal (For the most meritorious short-handed voyage by

a club member(s))
David Tyler

The Jester Medal (For an outstanding contribution to the art of

single-handed sailing by a

member or non-member) -Matt Rutherford

The Barton Cup (For the most meritorious voyage by a club member(s))– Patrick and Amanda Marshall

The Rambler Medal (For the most

meritorious short voyage by a club member(s

-Jim and Kate Thomsen

The Vasey Vase (For a voyage of an unusual or exploratory nature

made by a club member)
Rev Bob Shepton

The David Wallis Trophy (For the most valuable

contribution to ‘Flying Fish’

Maggie Nelson

The Water Music Trophy(To a member who has contributed most to the Club

by way of providing cruising information, navigation and pilotage)
-John Kirkus

The Qualifier’s Mug (For the most

ambitious or arduous qualifying voyage by a new member as submitted for

publication in the OCC journal,

“Flying Fish” or in the OCC Newsletter.)
-The Smith Family (David, Sarah, Bethany & Bryn)

The Port Officer Medal (For the most outstanding contribution from a

Port Officer

-John Van Schalkwyk


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