Investigation under way as to how 20ft yacht nearly killed crane driver

An investigation is under way as to how a crane collapsed while lifting a 20ft yacht into the water at Camber Docks, Old Portsmouth. The area was cordoned off for several hours after the incident on Friday morning as investigators began examining the evidence. The crane driver was rushed to hospital and treated for minor injuries and shock.

An eyewitness from the nearby Bridge Tavern in Portsmouth speculated that the wind may have been the cause. Manager Luke Spencer said: ‘We all heard a loud noise and wondered what had happened. Police were quickly there to cordon off the scene, and ambulances were soon there too. No-one knows what happened but it looks like the wind swayed the boat, and under the strain the crane toppled over.’

Officers from the Environment Agency were also called because of reports of leaking fuel. One firefighter told a local newspaper that less than 30 litres of diesel had spilled into the harbour.