Flat Holm island station's website off the south Wales coast is up and running again

weather station off the south Wales coast that was knocked out of action by
recent winter storms has been repaired.

Holm island station’s website stopped at 23:03 GMT on 16
January and could not be reached by a maintenance crew until the weather improved.

Cardiff council spokesman said the weather station, which is situated on a
nature reserve in the Bristol Channel, was back up and running on 4 March.

Holm’s weather data, which is updated every three hours, is popular with local
sailors, including Penarth Yacht Club members.

island nature reserve, situated five miles from Cardiff, was obtained by the
council from the Crown Estate on a 50-year lease in 1995.

was earmarked for ‘disposal’ by Cardiff council late last year to save £150,000
from its annual running costs but councilors agreed in November to maintain the
nature reserve until April 2015.