Princess Anne formally unveiled the £4.1million project for older seafarers and their dependants

The Princess Royal has opened ‘magnificent’ multi-million pound

state-of-the-art new welfare facilities for former seafarers at Nautilus

International’s Mariners’ Park Estate.

On her second visit to the 16-acre site on the banks of the river

Mersey, Princess Anne formally unveiled the new Trinity House Hub, a

£4.1million project to build 18 fully-accessible apartments for older

seafarers and their dependants, along with community facilities

including a café, a spa, a gym and rooms for meetings and hobbies.

The Trinity House Hub has been built as part of a programme of new

developments at Mariners’ Park, which has been providing support and

services to seafarers in need since 1857 and presently provides

accommodation for 160 retired seafarers and their dependants.

The programme included a new care home – which was opened by the

Princess Royal in 2002 – and new flats and bungalows for retired


The Deputy Master of Trinity House, Captain Ian McNaught, said:

‘Throughout our 500 years we have had at the core of our

organisation the principal of serving the mariner, past present and


‘These new facilities are excellent and I am extremely pleased we

have been able to contribute over £2million to provide them. They are a great

legacy and will provide former mariners and their dependants with

comfortable communal spaces that contribute to the feeling of community

here for many years to come.’

Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson told guests at the opening

event: ‘I believe that this building will provide a suitable

commemoration for this anniversary for many decades to come.’

He said the new facilities would provide high quality accommodation

and care services to many residents, as well as communal facilities

available to them and everyone else in Mariners’ Park and the local

maritime community.

Pictures credited to: Colin McPherson