Roland Wilson denies three charges following Cowes Week crash

Yacht skipper Roland Wilson faces three charges of flouting maritime law after his boat was in collision with

a 120,000-tonne oil tanker during Cowes Week.

The 31-year-old denied a charge of failing to keep a proper look-out and also pleaded

not guilty to two charges of impeding the

passage of the crude-oil tanker, when he appeared before Southampton Magistrates


Wilson’s 33ft yacht Atalanta of Chester,

with a crew of seven, got tangled up with the 870ft ship’s anchor on 6 August,


One of Wilson’s crew was treated at hospital for a head injury.

Footage of the crash, which took place at

the world’s largest sailing regatta, has since become an internet sensation, attracting 733,531 hits on YouTube.

Wilson – a former

Royal Navy lieutenant from Stanley, Perthshire, was ordered to return to Southampton

Magistrates’ Court on 7 October for the start of a five-day trial.

A case management

hearing will take place on 17 July.

Watch the video here.

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