After 3 months at sea, rowers aground one mile short of finish

Two Cornwall rowers who spent almost three months racing across the Atlantic have had to be rescued less than one mile (1.6km) from the finish line, according to reports on the BBC website.

Phil Pring and Ben Cummings, from Penzance, set off on the 3,000 mile (4,828km) trip from the Canaries to the West Indies on 4 January.

The pair, members of Zennor Gig Club, were picked up by Antiguan authorities after their boat hit a reef on Sunday.

Falmouth Coastguard said that both rowers were safe and well.

The men were taking part in the Atlantic Rowing Race and were lying in 15th place when their boat, Vision of Cornwall, ran aground on a reef.

However, according to race organisers Woodvale Challenge, although 36-year-old Mr Cummings and Mr Pring, 32, did not manage to complete the Atlantic Rowing Race, they have, however, officially completed an Atlantic crossing because they passed the eastern tip of Antigua.

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