The £6million scheme should be completed next year

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) has published a preliminary timeline for the construction

of the new Cowes breakwater.

Final ground investigation works have now been completed and tenders have gone out to five short-listed contractors; to be returned by 18 October.

The design and build contract is to be awarded this December, with construction due to start in February 2014 and completed in 2014

The breakwater will cost £6million to £7million. The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has committed £3.16million towards the scheme.

CHC has committed a minimum of £3million from the commission’s own funds and is seeking additional funding streams, to cover any shortfall, and looking into ideas such as naming rights for the breakwater.

How long will the breakwater take to build?

The breakwater will be delivered under a design and build, fixed priced

contract. Construction is likely to take around eight months, depending on the

methodology employed by the contractor with completion hopefully during 2014.

Breakwater construction exclusion area

The diagram below illustrates the exclusion zone that will be put in place at

the mouth of Cowes Harbour during construction of the breakwater, with a clear

route defined for traffic to and from the site, and newly re-configured small

craft event moorings.

Click here to view a PDF of the exclusion zone diagram.

Please note: five clusters of inflatable yellow buoys have been laid to mark

the position of the breakwater which is now readily identifiable to passing


In advance of construction on the

breakwater commencing, CHC will issue all the necessary navigational

information, to ensure continued safety for harbour users in Cowes Harbour.

How will the breakwater construction affect yacht racing?

CHC will be liaising closely with all Cowes yacht clubs and event organisers to

avoid disruption to racing, however, impacts during construction of the

breakwater will hopefully be minimal. Race starts and finishes will take place

outside the exclusion area.

Will there be disruption for vessels entering and leaving Cowes Harbour?

There will be no changes to the outer and inner fairways, or the small craft

channel, and Red Funnel ferry movements into and out of Cowes will remain


What will happen to swinging moorings in the harbour?

In consultation with event organisers, small craft event moorings will be

re-configured with extensions to the east and north, as shown on the diagram

above of the exclusion area.

CHC’s annual day class moorings have already been re-configured, with all

permanent moorings positioned south of the construction exclusion zone.

Regular updates will be included in future CHC

and on

Pictures: A map and aerial view of the marina, plus two photomontages showing what the breakwater will look like when viewed from the northern end of the Parade, Cowes – the first shows the high water perspective, the second shows the low water perspective.