Boat Safety Scheme warns owners over 'bullseye' decklights

Boats with domed decklights – better known as bullseyes – that could be at risk from fires breaking out in strong sunlight may also be denied an inland waterways safety certificate, warns the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS).

Already there have been at least three cases this year, where sunlight, focussed and intensified by the domed-decklights, scorches fixtures or objects lying in the focal path of the lens.

Fixtures around bullseyes will now be checked as part of the compulsory inland waterways BSS examination.

According to the latest press release, ‘any signs of overheating, scorching, or charring to the material around a bullseye and the boat will not pass.’

Graham Watts BSS Manager said, ‘If you have a bullseye decklight fitted, please check any surfaces below it for signs of scorching.

‘Even if there is no sign of damage make sure that anything that can be affected including any loose objects, are kept at least 300mm away from bullseyes’.

There is more information with photographs to illustrate the risks at