The yacht Melina of Fleet which hit the Roustel beacon in Guernsey’s Little Russel channel and sank within minutes will remain on the seabed until salvage negotiations are completed, reports John Frankland.

As previously reported, four Polish nationals were dramatically rescued from the sea after being swept by the fierce tide to over a mile north of the Roustel rock itself.

Guernsey Harbour Authority divers have now removed the two masts, the sails and some deck equipment from the 13m Ferro Cement yacht, since they were considered to be a hazard to shipping and the hull is now settled in some 13m of water just SW of the beacon.

Melina of Fleet in happier times

Melina of Fleet in happier times

It was hoped to raise the UK registered yacht on the neap tide following the accident but this was abandoned due to strong NE winds over that period.

The boat was on passage from St Peter Port towards Cherbourg and the two men and two women who were rescued left the island soon after leaving hospital and it is not known if or when they might return.