Volunteer crew praised for a good job in 'absymal conditions'

the all-weather and inshore RNLI lifeboats at New Quay were called out to assist a yacht that was in trouble trying to moor in the harbour.

30ft yacht, the Davico, was being sailed single handed northwards
and seeking to find a berth on Wednesday evening in a force five wind and
choppy seas.

The inshore was initially called out at 5.30pm and,
although a mooring was found, this was deemed to be unsatisfactory and
the decision was made to call out the all-weather lifeboat at 6pm to tow
the yacht to the safety of Aberystwyth marina for the night.

This was
achieved successfully despite challenging conditions and the Aberystwyth
lifeboat linked up for the final manoeuvre into the marina.

The all-weather lifeboat was under the control of Daniel Potter,
coxswain, and crewed by Ben Billingham, Charlie
Turner, Dylan Price, Simon Rigby and Bernard Davies.

The inshore
lifeboat had Peter Yates at the helm with Manon Jones and Ellis Jones.

Lifeboat operations manager Roger Couch said: ‘Once again I must praise the crews for a job well done under
abysmal conditions.

‘They showed their willingness and dedication with
the all-weather lifeboat not returning to New Quay until 10.15pm when
the shore crew had to be on hand to retrieve the lifeboat into the

(Picture: Two of the inshore lifeboat crew assisting aboard the
Davico in New Quay harbour. Credit: RNLI/New Quay)