Fined and imprisoned

A 52-year-old Russian ship captain was fined £2,000 plus costs just hours after being found three times over the legal alcohol limit while berthing his ship in Southampton.

Late Thursday, ABP notified the Maritime & Coastguard Agency via Solent Coastguard after concerns were raised that a vessel ‘Balu C’ was not being managed correctly on its passage into a berth at the port.

She was on passage from Amsterdam to Southampton with a cargo of grain with a crew of 12.

At Southampton Magistrates Court the next day, Mr. Valery Semenov pleaded guilty and was fined £2000 plus £100 costs. He has also lost his job and income of £50k pa.

The Magistrates said:

“He was in charge of a large vessel with twelve souls on board Fortunately there were few physical consequences on this occasion.”

Mr. Semenov was remanded in custody for a maximum of 45 days, or until the fine is paid in full.

Captain Jeremy Smart, Head of the Agency’s Enforcement Unit said

“The Master of a ship bears a heavy responsibility. To carry out this responsibility whilst under the influence of alcohol is grossly irresponsible. It is fortunate that on this occasion the vessel berthed safely. The MCA will always pursue such cases with great vigour.”